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Wine comes in at the mouth, And love comes in at the eye; That's all that we will know for truth, Before we grow old and die. I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you and I sigh. --- William Butler Yeats

Friday, August 15, 2008

August 2008

Munlin's birthday on 08-08-08!! I stayed over at her house the day before our graduation :) after 9 months of not seeing each other, nothing changed between us! Felt like just a day apart :D but i do miss u babe!!

The few who were present to celebrate her lil birthday party

Meeting up with seniors in Italianies 1 Utama :)

Seniors = fun fun fun!!

something that has not been present in this blog for a long long long time :P:P

...............NOW .............................

............... 20 years later...........

hehehehe :D jk!

Me and Chow

Me and Xiufu

Fai and Xiufu

Fai and I

Steven and Me

The horrible horrible day of rehearsal... after we got everything settled, we walked around campus to take some pictures :)


I've Finally Graduated!!

My parents with us,
From left: Weizhi, Me, Yiquan, Munlin and Leeping

And Congratulations to my dear cousin!!
May you two be happy and blessed always always!


Im happy! :P

Monday, July 21, 2008

Beat The System needs u!!!

Do support!!

my friend, Lenard's “indian” band is in discovery stage @ cineleisure this 2nd august, and there’s an online portion to the competition. the winner is the band with the highest number of votes online. so yes, beat the system needs you! if you havent heard any of our tracks yet, you can search them on facebook at “beathesystem” or just go to to hear our songs. here’s the link for voting

all you need to do is register for an account, click on the link in the verification email, login, and vote for beathesystem. pls remember to fill up 10 stars alright? =]

do note that the website brings u to the next band’s page after u have voted, so don’t keep voting 10 stars, or else you would’ve voted for all the bands eventually :P

its a 1-registration-1-vote thing, but they also track your IP, so if u wish to do multiple votes, u can vote once at ur office, once at home, once at starbucks, once at a cybercafe, etc =D

also if u have a blog, pls help them by blogging about this! all help is very much appreciated! BTS loves you! =]

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summary of the 4 months American Trip

Photo post!!

LA - walk of fame

LA - Hollywood Universal Studio

Behind me, is the London Bridge! That is bought by an American Tycoon to be moved from London to America..

Me and Xiao Yue in Grand Canyon


This girl, Kremi.. was my saviour there! She's the best.. shes from Bulgaria :) and my half sister.. i miss her loads!!

Went to eat at USS Nemo... awesome food!

Kremi, with Nikolina and Coco

The night we went to Miami!!

Chinese Theater, they were premiering Street Kings that day! :D


In San Francisco

The Golden Gate

I enjoyed the most in the Sin City!! a must visit for everyone!

And Disney Land in LA :)

Too lazy to write anything.. so just pictures! :D

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

4 Days In The Big Apple!!

Finally!! after 2 months of working like an ass.. i got 4 days off to go to NEW YORK!! hehe.. with my friends whose also working in Florida in Ft. Myers. Great bunch of people!! i loveeeeeee them!! Thanks u guys for giving me such a fun time!! i miss u guys!! so here's just a lil pictures from the 4 wonderful days!!

i would try to write more on New york the next time.. :) here's a summary!

U got to take a pic in Time Square :)

I forgot where this street at.. but its somewhere near Trump Tower i suppose.. haha

Central Park. We also paid 40 bucks to get a horse carriage ride around central park because it was too cold to walk! haha and the blanket on the carriage was too tempting!

We had dinner in HARD ROCK CAFE NEW YORK~! Food was good... atmosphere was good.. the company was great!

Me and Joo Mun

Madam Tussuad

THIS!! is one of the highlights of the trip ever! me for more information on the Museum of Sex :D:D

Me and Xiao Yue at Ground Zero -- where the twins once stood.

Us girls..

And then..............IT SNOWED!!!
The whole point of going to US and to NEW York in particular was to see snow.. hehe..
and it was snowing like non-stop for the whole day :( and sadly for us.. we had to postpone all our original plans and wasted our tour pass.. because all the outdoor attractions were all closed.. it was the heaviest snow shower for the winter that day!! how lucky are we?!?! haha

All of us at the top of Empire State Building on the last day..

well... at least we got the see the Statue of Liberty from far on the last day!! haha... better than nothing at all...