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Wine comes in at the mouth, And love comes in at the eye; That's all that we will know for truth, Before we grow old and die. I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you and I sigh. --- William Butler Yeats

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dinner to Breakfast (PART 3)

Miss Balkis is a Cuban, so what better place for her than QBA~!? Even on a late Wednesday night, you will be suprised to see the amount of working class people, sexy women, and a whole lot of foreigners in the bar.

QBA has one of the biggest wine and Rum collection, and is situated inside the elegant 5 Star Westin Hotel. It was selected the 'Best Wine & Bar Outlet' award' in 2005, so everything in it is up to that standard. QBA has 2 tiers, the upper level is a classy and quiet wine bar where businessmen talk and relax, and at the lower level where loud Latin music plays and people chit chat and dance all night.

The crowd in QBA are mostly businessmen and ladies who enjoys dancing and relaxing after a hard day's work. Men were smoking cigars and ladies were talking endlessly. The bar was so crowded the day that it was hard to move around, so we got a table outside, where it is quieter and we got to learn how to drink the Tequila the Cuban way~!

We got a 20% off our Tequila from the staff, which is quite a good deal as most places only give up to a 10% discount on alcohol.

The upstairs of the bar - A high class and elegant place to relax and chit chat.

Huge crowd of people packed around the bar in the lower level.

There is a Latino Band playing Latin music, with very good singers. People flooded the dance floor dancing salsa, doing their own things..

The exterior of Qba

Our Tequila came with a plate of lime and salt..where Miss Balkis taught us the ultimate way to Tequila

Miss Balkis, the pro.

sorry for the bad pictures :(

Here's the way to drink Tequila, do try it! I personally like it a lot~!

Starting from the most left picture:

Step 1: Put a pinch of salt on your hand, get ready ur shot of Tequila.
Step 2: Lick the salt, and then finish ur shot!
Step 3: Suck a piece lime to finish.

Its amazing!! Im so gonna teach my mum how to drink this! :P

After all these, we went to Miss Balkis house in Puchong for some chit chat and a bit more drinks, and left for our DimSum breakfast at 4.30am in Sri Petaling.

Dim Sum~!
I'll leave the food part to my food blogger roomate~!

Lastly, GOOD LUCK to MMU peeps for Finals!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Dinner to Breakfast (PART 2)

We reached Asian Heritage at around 11.40pm to meet up with Aylwin's Spanish Lecturer, Miss Balkis n her son, Luvin and his friends, at none other than... MEzQuite 52!! yeah.. AGAIN.. haha... we love the place, the Margaritas, and the people there.. what more can i say? :P

We went on a Wednesday night, so there were less people, and less cars, which leads to ---> cheaper parking but early closing of the pubs. On weekends, Asian Heritage row would be filled with chun n hot chics, smart looking guys and of course posh and expensive vehicles, with loud music playing from each pub. So, on a weekday you get less of those. However, i do get a feeling of having the place to ourselves. :P

Since Mezquite 52 was featured before, this would be more of a photo post :P

Asian Heritage Row

Ati preparing our drinks. Mezquite 52 drinks are huge compared to other places :P

Mango Margarita priced at RM 20.00
Verdict from Rachel: Very Deilicious, plus they use fresh fruits which adds Vitamins in it!! Healthy ehh?? :P

Meltdown Margarita (this is a must try!) at RM 22.00

The Mezquite 52's Original Lime Margarita at RM 18.00, which is much much better than TGI's.

Sierra Madre Margarita - A picture's worth a thousand words, see how Jo is enjoying her drink~ haha.. Sierra Madre is at RM 22.00

A pretty lady with a pretty drink~! The Strawberry Margarita we recommended for Wailin at RM 20.00

Tortillas Chips with Salsa dip

Luvin with the very hot Miss Balkis.

They had Havana Club Rum which is widely use to make the refreshing Mojito.

The gang we met up here, featuring Miss Balkis and her son.

We left Mezquite 52 at around 1.30am.
Stay tune for Part 3~!

Dinner to Breakfast (PART 1)

Our all time favourite lass, Danielle, was in town, so we gathered all our Alpha friends to hang out for dinner and for some drinks after that. We went to the Curve for Sakae Sushi, then off to Sevenatenine!

Its been a long time since i last went to Sevenatenine. The last time i went was in January this year, so a lot has changed and here are some updates for those who hasn't been there for a long time too~ However, the whole feeling and ambience of a chic and comfortable place remains.

More tables and big white comfy sofas were added to accomodate the increasing number of customers. But by the time we got there, the sofas were already occupied, so we ended up having to sit with 2 high tables, with high chairs. It was quite inconvinient for us girls who were wearing skirts to climb up and down the chairs to move around, but the delicious drinks and desserts and of course our company made it all worth it.

If u cant find a sofa seat downstairs, go upstairs. Its more quiet and peaceful upstairs with more privacy and less crowd.

Also, they changed their menu from a very detailed one to a concised 2-pages-menu, so for us "noob" who doesnt have much knowledge of cocktails and alcohol, we had a hard time choosing our drinks. But with help from the friendly waitors and waitress, they briefly explained what is what, we were all satisfied with what we got.

From Left: Jolyn's Pina Colada, Wailin's PassionFruit Vodka, Rachel's Malibu Coconut, and My Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan is a must try for ladies as it is a perfect ladies drink, smooth and tasty!

From left again: Victor's Vodka Martini, Yichang's Mojito, Aylwin's Strawberry Margarita, and Danielle's Carrot Juice.

Poor Danielle could not take alcohol due to health problems so she only had carrot juice while watching us all get 'high' :P
According to Aylwin, the Strawberry Margartia from Mezquite 52 is much nicer than this one. However, we have to give credit to the beautifully decorated Dessert Trio, with Macadamia Chocolate Brownies, Mango Panna Cotta, and the heavenly Chilled watermelon soup.

Price for our cocktails ranges from just RM 17.00 to around RM 20 :P, others can go to RM 40 or so. The Dessert Trio cost only RM 19.70.

Oh~ and their washrooms are not longer using censors! ya..ya.. thats how long i havent been there :P But its simpler now just turning the tap than when we had to stand in the toilet trying to figure out how to operate the tap :P

You get amazing view of the Pride of MAlaysia- The Twin Towers from Sevenatenine. Make sure u get urself a good pic of it before u leave the place :)

Those who were present, the girls from left: Jolyn, Danielle, Wailin, me, Rachel, and the guys from left: Victor, Aylwin and Yichang.

We left Sevenatenine at 11.20pm (to be continued....)