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Wine comes in at the mouth, And love comes in at the eye; That's all that we will know for truth, Before we grow old and die. I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you and I sigh. --- William Butler Yeats

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tiff's Jazz Lounge

Starhill Gallery has some of the most classy and exquisite restaurants and lounges. We have heard about Tiff's Jazz Lounge since the early opening of it, but never actually went. And finally we decided to give the place a try, on a week before our final exams... haha…We were not allowed to take pictures, but..... being us...... haha... so here's a sneak peak for those who hasnt been there..

Long floral lounge chair...

The lighting colour changes every few minutes ( i didnt notice how long) and it gives a feeling of autumn~! I love autumns!~

During daylight, the place is known as Tiffin Bay, at night, it turns into this very comfortable and relaxing lounging area, with fantastic and breathtaking jazz music played by the live band. I have always love Jazz, and this place is no disappointment at all, the band is really good, singing was great! Both man and lady! And they were singing all our favourite songs! Hahaha.. but, we had to sit very far away from the band, which is the other end of the bay, because the front sit (directly in front of the band stage) is only reserved for YTL platinum card members.. hahaha.. and none of us had that L but our spot was not too bad afterall.. we got to see them.. just far away.. haha.. I had to say though.. it was quite warm there.. I’m not sure if its because of the place we sat, or it is us.. haha..

The Menu

Montes Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile --- Its good~ The waiter susgested that we take this which is on promotion, only for RM 135, and its good.. hahaha..

Wine tastes so much better with a great bunch of friends.....

White Wine also from Chile - Montes Sauvignon Blanc, RM 135

Tortila Chips with Guacamole Sauce - RM 15

Tiffin Special Coffee with marvelous lil piece of cookie -RM 12

Great place to hang out and chit chat....

Me and Rachel

Chialing and Munlin

My gorgeous housemates

The Girls.. Rachel, Munlin, Me, Chialing and Leeping

All that present...

and Yichang with his trademark pose..

We had a great night, well... at least most of us did.. haha.. Rachel and I were at our highest spirits! We havent been hanging out for ages!! (seems ages to me) and we have to do this more often! haha.. dancing and singing! Ahh... a day off studying... how nice... and then its back to books and notes... huhu... but the place is good nonethless... we took quite a number of pics.. but too many pics would spoil the suprise for the place.. so do go check it out yourselves :)

Tiffin Bay & Tiff's Jazz Lounge
F41, Explore Floor, Starhill Galery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.
Tel: 03-27823870


*Thats my new short hair~ How do i look?? hahaha*


p/s: remember to express your love to her!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Rum Jungle, Ipoh

Its been a while since i last met up with Yenyi, my bestie since high school.. so when Hor Mei asked us to join her cousin's birthday party in Rum Jungle, Ipoh, we jumped to it. Rum Jungle Ipoh is not much difference from the one in KL, except that maybe its like three times bigger..and its packed like hell.. yes.. Ipoh is kinda sad.. Rum Jungle is the only decent place to club in Ipoh, so everyone jammed there. haha.. The live band was just ok.. dont really fancy them.. the dj sucked big time though.. haha

but i enjoyed the night nonetheless with my girls..

From left: Yenyi, me, Citygal, and Hor Mei

Me and Hor Mei who will be leaving to UK in June!! We'll be missing u HorMei! Thanx for a great night

Us with the guys..