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Wine comes in at the mouth, And love comes in at the eye; That's all that we will know for truth, Before we grow old and die. I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you and I sigh. --- William Butler Yeats

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sky Bar

Its been a while!! haha.. ive been to so many places but without camera.. so i didnt blog about anything...
Just a quick update! i have finally graduated!! finished my internship~ was a really great one.. was pretty sad to leave my company.. but not at all leaving work! haha... so to celebrate my graduation --sort of-- me and some of my friends went to SkyBar :) at Trader's Hotel

Sky bar is known for its view from the 33rd floor of Trader's Hotel, and the view is not at all disspointing. :)

The whole concept of Sky bar could be classy and also unique with a pool in the middle of the bar, and comfortable couches and seats for group of friends and such. First impression when u stepped in would be like... "wow... nice place".. but probbaly 15 minutes after that, you might wish u could take off your clothes, because its pretty stuffy in there, and there's no air conditioning.. at all.. we were so warm we asked the staff to maybe lower down the temperature or something, but he said that there was no air conditioning.. but given that the ventilation of air isnt that well there, its pretty warm at times. Probably it depends on where u sit in the bar.. maybe some other places might be better :)

The drinks are nothing to shout about. Price of drinks are normal, as compared to other bars, cocktails ranges from RM 26 to RM 50++.