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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Still in the Mood for Party~!

Sorry i have not been updating.. was so busy reading other people's blog that i neglected my own :P

First, i would really want to thank everyone who was there at the party to make it a great night!! the 5 of us are really really grateful~! The party planning was a bit of a mess, and we were quite worried it would not turn out to be good. But that night proved it all wrong~!

We started with making our own retro invitation cards, took us a day long to finish all...

Chialing working~ :P

on the left is a work of a guy,right's a girl's ---> enough said...

Half done..

June helping out

Tada~~ its finally done..


Iguanaz Pub is a brand new pub in Telawi, Bangsar, so the place is not yet fully decorated. However, its good enough for the party and the place is perfect for 70 people~! People who likes Iguanas should check the place out, they have real iguanas in the pub~! If u are really lucky, u might get to see the boss's own huge iguana.

Here are some of my favourite pics that night..

Crazy FMC has a new member

The Engin Trio

Crowd getting high


Vic n Ching

even crazier...

ME n my baby brother

Andrew, Sherz and Vic

Best dressed - Engz n Teresa

Look at Vic's happy face...

Vic Celebrating with Teresa drunk behind :P

My alpha people...

Vic n Kalai

Brothers dancing with my mum

My parents and i - i got my key!!

Kalai n I

Ching, Julian n I

MY parents

My happy family~!

Im one of the marketing people.. keke

World's best housemates.. missing June

Us with our 5 Flamming Lamborghini

Vic was really entertaining that night...

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